Kendra STOLL, 200HR RYT

I was so fortunate to meet Shanna in Yoga Teacher Training, where I got to see her practice evolve and her natural teaching abilities appear.  She is a true leader that knows how to inspire a room full of yogis, helping them find power, surrender & confidence.  As a fellow Yoga Teacher, I love taking Shanna's classes. Her instruction is on point, making it so fun to flow, and her sense of humor always gets smiles out of everyone!   Light, Bright & Wise--you're missing out if you're not taking her class.


Shanna's yoga classes always leave me feeling refreshed and revitalized.  She has a gift for creating a welcoming environment in class, while presenting a well-thought out and expertly crafted series of poses that are creative, comforting, and challenging in a way that pushes the body toward where it needs to go.  As someone who has played a lot of basketball in his life, and continues to play, I find her classes great for stretching out and healing tired and overused muscles.  I always have good games after one of her classes.



rebecca liebmann-smith, lmsw 

Taking yoga with Shanna is an absolute joy, and her teaching style is one that truly facilitates the practice.  Her calm yet cheerful demeanor and relaxed pace help you to slow your breath and movements.  Her approach is finely tuned and minimalistic - she doesn't say too much, but her words are carefully chosen to provide the class with both structure and freedom.  Shanna creates an environment in which students can focus deeply on the moving meditation.  I am always grateful to practice with her.