Why I Stopped Being Mean to Myself

We are our own worst critics. We just are. There is something about beating ourselves up that we enjoy. 

In mid-January, I decided to take a much needed two-week break from blogging. Guilt consumed me for not keeping up with my created schedule. Worry took over me that I would lose inspiration to blog. Anxiety washed me over when I went back on the laptop to think about continuing content. 

Shanna Tyler on Steps

We create our own pressure on ourselves. No one told me that I was a bad blogger for taking a break. No one told me that I would lose all inspiration. No one told me that I could not easily pick it back up. It was all in my head. 

Thus, I am back on the blog with a new rule. Blogs will be up weekly on Sundays. Why? Because I am deciding to stop being mean to my already busy yoga teacher, graduate student, and part-time worker schedule. 

We choose to be mean or kind to ourselves; it is our choice. My choice in coming back to the blog all stemmed from being kind to myself. No longer giving myself strict deadlines and tough pressures.

Because how in the world do I expect to live a happy life if I do so? Most importantly, how do I expect to be kind to others if I choose to be mean to myself? 

The key reason to be kind to ourselves is it allows us to be kind to others. I realized quickly in my two weeks of taking a break from the blog is that being kinder to myself shifted how I thought of other passion followers. 

I better understand why people needed a break from work, even if they love it. I better understand why people shifted their responsibilities. My newfound understanding was all because I stopped being mean to myself. 

The question is: are we being mean or kind to ourselves? Are we being understanding to ourselves? Are we honoring ourselves and our passions? What is it that we can do better? 

Let's take those questions with us into the new week. They will surely allow us to be better in our relationships with ourselves and those around us.