It Takes a Step

One step is all it takes. This week, I took a huge step in my career.

I decided to leave my full-time job to dedicate time to finishing up my Masters of Social Work. 

When I came to the conclusion that I needed to quit, I believed that it would make me a quitter. I believe it makes me a winner. 

The step I have taken was one of the bravest moves I've ever made. I know the career I want to go into and the path in which I must go. 

We tend to neglect a step forward out of fear.
— Shanna Tyler

I was afraid of what everyone would say. I was afraid of what might come afterwards. But when I made the choice I was surprised. 

So many people have supported me and called me courageous for my step. 

This step is one that we can all do. Maybe not mine exactly, but we all have goals we want to pursue. 

What would happen if you took your own step? What would happen if you moved closer to what your goal? 

Let's take at least one step toward who we are and what we are. Let's take that one step toward our happiest, healthiest self.