Run Toward You

For most of my life, I ran away from who I was. Now more than ever, I am running toward who I am. 

I wanted to be a certain weight with a certain hairstyle. I set timelines on when I wanted a certain income and career. I also knew exactly where I would live and the age I would get married. 

As I grow older and experience life longer, I no longer chase after the idea of what I should be. I run toward the person I naturally am.

Run toward what makes your heart race, butterflies flutter, and knees shake.
— Shanna Tyler

Being you never feels forced. Being you does not feel like a destination. It is a journey; it is a natural progression. 

Your journey should always make you feel happy, feel strong, and feel loved. If it doesn't, there is an idea, thought, or person that should not be in your life. 

Let's run toward who we are without self-doubt or self-judgment. Have a great week!