Do it Afraid

Fear is one hell of a drug. It can be addicting, tempting, and appealing to let fear take over. 

This week has been a challenge of asking myself if I can do what I have planned. I have decided instead of cowering, I will start smiling and doing it afraid. 

I encourage you reading to do one thing this week that you have always wanted to do. One is already on my agenda this week! Let us start taking risks and never shying away from a challenge. 

What are steps you want to make but won't because of fear? What are goals you have that you keep pushing back because of fear? 

Whether it's working out, sky diving, cooking a recipe, or taking a mental health day, let's accept the challenge. 

There is growth in a challenge. There is growth in doing it afraid. Anyone else plan on conquering fear with me?! 


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