So I have a problem.. I am a vegan who eats LIKE A VEGETARIAN.

I know... but let me explain! My vegetarianism has been consistent for about three to four years now.

I have tried veganism this past February for the month then devoured Domino's pizza. Did I regret it? Hmmm....

Fast forward today, and I still feel like I am a vegan at heart. So while all these thoughts were rambling in my head, guess what I got for my birthday on last weekend?! 


You guessed right!! I was gifted this lovely vegan cookbook from my very best friend who visited this past week. She knows my struggle and decided to help with this highly recommended book of lovely vegan recipes!! 

Here is my tactic: prepare a new vegan recipe every week and post on any Sunday I want on the recipe I chose, what the process was like, and most importantly, if it was yummy. Stay tuned :) Who knows which Sunday I will post a vegan recipe?!


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