The plank is one exercise that I love to hate, hate to love, and can just hate. 

Sigmund Freud (AKA the dude to know in my social work studies) believed in the pleasure principle, which is short for loving pleasure and not pain. However, I do not think he ever planked. 

Holding a plank is not only physically effective for your core, but it is great for building mental resilience. Whenever I want to give up, I get back up and hold for more seconds with a goal of one full minute. Now, I find myself wanting to show off and put a leg up, because why not?! 

Pleasure can be found after the momentary pain. We all have areas that we are working on and want to push ourselves to move further in. We can achieve them with patience, dedication, and sometimes venting on a social platform helps too! 

Comment below if you love to hate the plank as much as me! Or do you have another workout that debunks the pleasure principle? 


Shanna Tyler2 Comments