the #1 reason i revamped the site

Today is the relaunch of my site :! there are MANY changes that have been made. 

The first and only reason is I yearned for a site that encompasses everything, that makes me... well... me! 

The changes to the site reflect the changes that I am living now. I am a true believer in:  

  • Loving one self
  • Nurturing one's soul
  • Engaging in physical activity. is a site for everyone, a community of people who want more for themselves. 

Do you love yourself? Do you love your soul? Do you invest time in your physical health?

I want to encourage all of us to love ourselves, nurture ourselves, and engage ourselves in ways that we never have before. It always helps to have a group of people to share, speak and vent with!

I added two lovely posts on planking and eating to start off the site. Sundays, new posts will be up in each category!! Thank you so much to all for reading <3 


Shanna TylerComment