The #1 Thing You Need for Your Next Workout

Are we fans of tangled headphones when working out? Didn't think so! 

It's such a distraction when our headphones' wire gets tangled or it does not stretch out far enough. 

An armband helps, but not all the time. It can become loose and we also have to fight to see our phones if our workouts are on them. 

We obviously need something to take us out of our fitness technology misery. That's why wireless headphones are such a relief! 

 Me and my Caedan Linea No.10 Wireless Headphones :)

Me and my Caedan Linea No.10 Wireless Headphones :)

Wireless headphones are the perfect fitness gift.  These accessories are the best to buy ourselves or other fit people we know. 

Wireless headphones allow us to focus our time on our workouts and not our headphones. With these, there is no more fidgeting with a wire, accidentally dropping our phones, or arm bands sliding off. 

Only thing we need to do is connect them to the bluetooth on our phones, and there we go. Music playing while we keep the iPhone on the bench next to us. 

Where to buy them from? Caeden sells Linea No10 On Ear Headphones that are not only functional but fashionable. The headphones also come with a pouch to store them in our purses, backpacks, or gym bags.  

Other options are Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones and SkullCandy HESH 2 Wireless Headphones.

Wireless headphones are such a necessity to make our workouts easier! Now that we know about 'em, let's gift them to ourselves or gift them to our fit friends. 

Does anyone else swear by wireless headphones or at least willing to give them a try?! Let's all talk below!