The Vulnerability Ability

Being vulnerable is frightening. We are opening ourselves up to criticism and opinion. 

Right now I am reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. The whole concept of vulnerability has led me to really thinking about what makes us so afraid of it but what makes it so necessary. 

Vulnerability is defined by Merriam-Webster as “capable of being physically or emotionally wounded.” That’s why it’s so scary! 

We make ourselves available and capable to experience physical or emotional pain. Naturally, our instincts tell us to run away from it. But today, I would like to challenge that. 


Being vulnerable is how we become able. In other words, being able to reach our fullest potential is based on our ability to be vulnerable.

Each block will be a stumbling block to build ourselves to what we want to achieve. 

There will be times of criticisms and compliments. There will be moments we are judged and praised.

Vulnerability sets us up with those opportunities make ourselves even more able to reach our fullest potentials. 

What is it we aspire to? What is it we want? Do we want it enough to be vulnerable? 

Do we want to reach our goals enough to be capable of being hurt either physically or emotionally? 

Our ability to reach who we are truly destined to become is based on our vulnerability to be. The vulnerability ability is up to us. Let’s remember that going into this next week.